How is an Equipment Finance Agreement and Lease different?

An Equipment Finance Agreement is a loan. A lease differs depending primarily upon the end-of-lease purchase option. If the end-of-lease option is $1.00, the borrower typically enjoys the same benefits as a loan or out right purchase.  A lease with a higher purchase option offers different benefits. Please contact Anthem Capital and your tax advisor for more information


How long can I finance or lease equipment?

Generally, terms can range from 12 to 60 months. 72 and 84 month terms are available as well.


Does Leasing offer different tax benefits than an Equipment Finance Agreement?

If a lease has higher than a nominal purchase option, the tax benefits are different. A loan or $1.00 Buyout lease typically offer the tax benefits of purchase. Generally, a business can deduct the lease payments only for a given fiscal year if the purchase option is more than nominal. We will gladly structure a financing or leasing program tailored to your business and tax requirements. We strongly encourage you to consult with your tax adviser to determine the applicability to your specific tax and business situation.


Do you require a down payment?

Most leasing and finance companies require one payment or the first and last payments up front. That is typically significantly less than other forms of financing. Also, costs such as shipping, installation and software can be included in the amount financed.


Do you accommodate progress payments if it is required by an Equipment Supplier?

For qualified Equipment Suppliers, we can advance a percentage of the equipment cost prior to shipment. Each situation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.