Equipment Suppliers

Equipment finance and leasing can be a powerful tool in closing a sale and increasing sales. Many equipment sales professionals have experienced the frustration of a customer not being able to obtain financing after a significant amount of time has been invested in the sale process. That’s where Anthem Capital Group, Inc. can help. We can:

  financially pre-qualify customers before
    too much time is invested
  provide financing solutions
     for challenging credits
     and newer businesses
  offer attractive rates and terms
  provide progress payments for equipment
  streamline the finance process

Anthem Capital can help your company achieve:

more sales

increased profits

significantly enhanced productivity




"I have worked with Anthem Capital for several years. They get the job done and customers have thanked me for introducing them to Anthem. What more can you ask for?"
Jeff, equipment distributor in Ohio

"I always trust Anthem Capital will do a great service for the customer with competitive programs."
Rob, equipment distributor in Oregon

"When Anthem contacts my customer, I know they will be treated well."
Mike, equipment distributor in Florida