About Us

Anthem Capital Group, Inc. is a full service finance company specializing in financing equipment for small to medium-sized businesses throughout the United States and Canada.  Founded in 2002, we offer attractive equipment finance and lease programs for:

established companies looking for the best available rates and terms

companies with credit issues having difficulty obtaining cost-effective

   financing elsewhere

newer businesses with limited borrowing options


Our finance professionals have years of experience providing cost-effective solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. We pride ourselves in listening to your needs, understanding your business, and providing the solution that works for you.


Are you looking for the best rate possible? Do you have unique and/or challenging credit issues? Are you a newer business? Please contact us. One of our finance professionals will help you find the best financing solution for your requirements. Once you have selected the equipment you need, we will do our part to provide you with the financing you need, quickly and cost effectively. After all, as a business owner, you deserve the best.



How many times have you worked with a customer only to find out, near the end of the sales process, that they need financing? If there are credit issues, the potential end result could be a lost sale and time wasted. That’s where Anthem Capital Group, Inc. can help. We can turn financing into a sales tool instead of a hindrance. Please let one of our professionals explain how our programs can help.



Are you having trouble getting "B" and "C" credits approved? Are you getting approvals for challenging credits but the rates are too high to make sense for your customer? Do you have requests to finance equipment for newer businesses, but no lenders to provide the necessary capital? Anthem Capital Group, Inc. may be able to help you. We offer rates and terms often times dramatically lower than alternative lenders. Contact us to find out what sets us apart!



Are you unsatisfied with the interest rates banks and investment companies are offering? Please contact us for more information about our investment programs. We offer higher yields and principal protection with collateral-backed programs.




"Anthem Capital provided me with a low rate and great service. I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and speed of the process. Great company!"
Mindy, Controller of aerospace component manufacturer in Texas